Pilot Training Course

In this video we look back at the Pilot Training Course in 2011 that was the inspiration for the development of the ET-NEET’s Project and the subsequent development of Training Materials for NEET Teachers. All participants from the 2011 course found education, employment or further training within weeks of returning home.

ET-NEET’s Final Conference Invitation

You are invited to attend the Effective Training for NEET’s Project Final Conference. This event is the culmination of the 2 year Erasmus + funded Project investigating best practice surrounding the effective training of NEET’s within the EU. Covering Project results, achievements and findings, the conference will also hear from keynote speakers;

Sebastian Koenigs, OECD Economist & Social Affairs Analyst

Deborah Tyler, CEO, Directory for Social Change UK

Julie McCafferty, EU Project Manager, Ballymun Job Centre

Ross Walker, Managing Director, Teachsport

Thomas Clements, Young NEET Course Participant

WHEN: 11.00-14.00 29th June, 2016

WHAT: Final Conference, Presentations, Guest Speakers, Lunch

WHERE: TeachSport, Abbotshall Road, Catford, London, SE61SQ

Overseas Attendee’s: Subsidy of 200 EUR is available against travel & accommodation.

Pilot NEET Training Courses (PNT’s) going from strength to strength

The ET-NEET’s Project is progressing well, with a significant part of the project underway as we write! The ET-NEET’s Project is running two Pilot NEET Training Courses, one at Teach Sport in London and a course operated by Sea Teach in Mallorca.

The 5-day course that brought 4 NEET’s from Poland with CWEP, was run by Teach Sport (Project Coordinator) in London, 7th-11th March and offered a comprehensive course on; communication, employment skills, career guidance and cultural awareness. A very successful course was had by all, and CWEP commented “an excellent week, very inspiring and highly productive”.

We are currently running the Sea Teach PNT in Cala D’Or Mallorca. A 5-day course has brought together 4 NEET’s from Lewisham where Sea Teach is running an RYA International Boating course, employability skills and career pathways in the maritime sector.

The ET-NEET’s Project is creating a promotional video to share and disseminate to all target groups and stakeholders highlighting the work of the PNT’s and will be available shortly.