The ET-NEET’s Project is progressing well, with a significant part of the project underway as we write! The ET-NEET’s Project is running two Pilot NEET Training Courses, one at Teach Sport in London and a course operated by Sea Teach in Mallorca.

The 5-day course that brought 4 NEET’s from Poland with CWEP, was run by Teach Sport (Project Coordinator) in London, 7th-11th March and offered a comprehensive course on; communication, employment skills, career guidance and cultural awareness. A very successful course was had by all, and CWEP commented “an excellent week, very inspiring and highly productive”.

We are currently running the Sea Teach PNT in Cala D’Or Mallorca. A 5-day course has brought together 4 NEET’s from Lewisham where Sea Teach is running an RYA International Boating course, employability skills and career pathways in the maritime sector.

The ET-NEET’s Project is creating a promotional video to share and disseminate to all target groups and stakeholders highlighting the work of the PNT’s and will be available shortly.