CWEP - Activities in the ET-NEETS project.

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The situation of young people in the group NEET (persons employed, not participating in education or training - called. Not in employment, education or training) is difficult, and research (also published on our profile on FB) underline the seriousness of the situation.

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Research & Questionnaire at Teachsport.


The key task we have been working on is contacting Jobcentres, Labour Offices and Government departments to initially send them information about the ET- NEET project. We have been researching via the internet the contact details then have been sending the press release and flyer out to them with a short description of the project. A few days later the same contacts are sent Questionnaire A plus resending of the flyer asking that they help in this important project either by completing the questionnaire or by sending it on to any contacts they have who specifically work with NEETS.

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The ET-NEETs project has just gone GLOBAL!

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The project partners are pleased to announce that they have been contacted by the Directorate for Employment at the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The OECD uses its wealth of information on a broad range of topics to help governments foster prosperity and fight poverty through economic growth and financial stability.

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What's going on in Lewisham Young Mayor Team?

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Hi All!

Lewisham team began working with organizations and individuals in the UK, sending them information about the ET-NEETS project and initiating discussions on the theme of the project and the benefits it can bring. Most of our contacts are with organisations who work with young people in the field of democracy, supporting young people in decision making processes in different ways. As part of this work the issue of employment and access to opportunities is something that the young people talk about so many have projects around employability.

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