Teachsport - Activities in the ET-NEETS project.


Teachsport team were working extremely hard to get responses from the questionnaires. Since we started this fantastic ET-NEETS project it has encouraged Teachsport training staff to broaden their thoughts on the content and context of our training. We are now negotiating with several other Boroughs and agencies on developing NEET training in the areas of: young people who have left care and are disabled NEETS. We will place some pictures of a pilot course we have been running.

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ET-NEETS project - in social media.


As part of our outreach to people, groups and organisations ET-NEETS is very active on social media covering and discussing interesting; articles, topics and themes related to EU NEETs, and our Project progress. Themes such as "Non-Formal Learning: a solution?" , "Youth Guarantee Explained" and "NEET's vs Youth Unemployment-Know the difference", have all been covered along with many more.

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